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About our jobs

We offer a wide selection of positions for both live-in, live-out, permanent & temporary nannies, as well as maternity nurses within the UK and abroad. In the job listings below you will find a selection, but not all of the vacancies we have registered. Because we have been around a long time, many of our vacancies are for repeat clients who have used our services before, this is reassuring for a nanny to know they are going into a family recommended by a previous Kensington Nanny , and the families are therefore well known to the agency. Obviously some of the vacancies are for families who are using our services for the first time, but even they generally come recommended to us through word of mouth.This page contains a sample of our current vacancies. If you are interested in any of these positions, or would like details of other vacancies, please contact us.

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Jobs in the UK

Part Time Jobs

We have lots of 2 day , 3 day and 4 day positions a for nannies who prefer to work part time, most positions do require the candidate to be experienced or qualified and to be a confident driver.

East Dulwich

Live: Out
Start: September/October
Rate: £462 – £500 net per week.
Ref: LNRig

A wonderful 4 day job has hit the books!!! This fabulous repeat Kensington Nannies family are looking for a caring, high – energy, talkative and creative nanny to look after their confident , and adventurous little boy aged 3 years old who loves climbing and being sociable, and his baby sister aged 6 months, who is very easy going and smiley. The parents treat their nanny as a professional, so allow you to have full autonomy in your day – they back you 100%. Mum and Dad see raising the children as being in a partnership with nanny. Nearest train station; Honor Oak Park. Manual driver is essential. Working days (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) 07:30 am – 07.00 pm (Mum works these days) and 1 day (Wednesday) (Mum catching up on tasks) 08.00 am – 12.00 pm – £462 – £500 net per week for 4 days.

Ladbroke Grove W11

Live: Out
Start: September 2018
Rate: £600 net per week
Ref: LNDig

This is a super little job with a great family looking after their 11 week old twins who are both happy & healthy. They have had a lovely maternity nurse so are in a good routine. Mum is potentially returning to work in January 2019 so this is Sh/C and S/C position. The family definitely want the future nanny to have twin/multiples experience or have previously worked with babies who were very, very close in age. Having looked after young babies in your last role it will be very beneficial to secure this role! They are happy to look at qualified or experienced nannies. They are a relaxed and easy going household who look forward to welcoming a nanny into their lives, who will hopefully become a part of their family. Someone who is sensitive to the fact that they are first time parents who will whilst respecting their wishes  gently support them with your wonderful vault of knowledge that you have gained over the years of having previously worked with infants. Open to some travel. Non –driver Monday – Friday (09:00 am – 07:00 pm) £600 net per week.

Cricklewood  NW2

Live: Out
Start: Mid September 2018
Rate: £480- 4 days a week. £600 – 5 days a week
Ref: LNPlo

These lovely repeat clients of ours are looking for a new Norland nanny. Their last nanny was placed successfully by us and was a Norlander (who highly recommends this happy family & only left to have her own baby.) Their little ones, a Boy 4.5 and a little Girl 1 yr., are delightful, happy & healthy children. The little boy is starting school in September leaving his sister at home with the nanny, so she will be your main charge. However, you will need to support him with his homework – reading and writing etc. Mum would like the youngest to have days filled with fun and lovely clubs and classes, playdates and learning new things through games and adventures. Being able to teach both children manners and also encouraging them to be compassionate towards others would be part of your day to day interactions. Included, are normal nursery duties and cooking for the children. Manual driver. Tuesday – Friday (08:00 am -06:00 pm) £480 net per week OR Monday – Friday (08:00 am -06:00 pm) £600 net per week.    

Clapham  SW11

Live: Out
Start: September 2018
Rate: £550 – £600 net per week
Ref: LNAtt

The perfect sole charge job with a 06:30pm finish caring for two littles Boys ages 3 yrs. and 1 yr. has just been registered. The family are seeking a professional & experienced Nanny with a fun and creative approach to the style of child care you provide. The Nanny must be proactive and happy to take the children to clubs, classes, and activities and arrange play dates. The nanny is responsible for everything pertaining to the children. The parents are looking for someone who is a good communicator and who will keep them in the loop of what’s happening, with occasional updates and pictures sent during the day. They are ideally looking for a long term person who will establish a longstanding relationship with the family. The 3 yrs. old will be attending nursery 5 mornings a week from September. Non Driver. No travel. Monday to Friday (8:30am – 6:30pm)   £550 – 600 net per week.

Ladbroke Grove W11

Live: Out
Start: ASAP
Rate: Very Competitive
Ref: LNMit

Are you a professional nanny with 4 years’ experience, if yes then this is the role for you! This family already have two girls aged 4 and 2 and will be having a new baby arriving March 2019 – Mum plans to be on maternity leave for only 3 to 4 months. Mum and Dad are looking for a nanny who is joyful, loving, organised, with lots of initiative, playful and energetic. Ideally, you will have previously worked in the area (Ladbroke Grove). Mum, who has a very busy job, will leave the nanny to be responsible for organising play dates, activities, classes, and all of the children’s meals. They would love to have or a long term commitment from their new nanny. The family do have a live in housekeeper who will be on hand to help out should you need it, this does mean that you need to be someone who is used to working with others. Ideally, the nanny would travel with the family for 2 – 3 weeks per year, but this is up for discussion. Driver helpful but not essential. Monday to Friday (8:30/09:00 am – 06:00/6:30pm)   Very Competitive salary..

Chiswick W4

Live: Out
Start: between September and January
Rate: £690  per week (Candidate dependent)
Ref: LNBal

This warm and informal family are looking for a SPANISH SPEAKING live out nanny who is happy to become part of their family. You will be caring for their 2 busy active and delightful little boys aged 2 and 5. Mum & Dad have always had a wonderful relationship with their nannies (their current nanny has been with them for 3 years and is only leaving to move back to Spain.) & hope to continue this trend with the new nanny. The youngest child will be attending nursery 3 mornings per week. The eldest is at full time school, he is the youngest in his year so he will need a little help and encouragement! They are looking for a professional nanny who is organised and self-motivated. You must also be warm and loving. This is a sole charge role as both parents work full time (mum does work at home once a week.) They would like someone who is happy to do P.A duties whilst the children are at school; the duties will involve dropping off dry cleaning, doing a grocery shop, organising / liaising with delivery people / workmen that may come to the house and running odd errands for Mum. Your priority however will always be the children & being responsible for everything pertaining to the children, including organising play dates, liaising with school etc. The new candidate must be super active as the boys are very energetic. You may be required to travel occasionally – once per year 2 weeks max. The family need a driver; they have an Auto car. Mondays – Friday (07:00 am – 07:00 pm) £690 net per week.

Holland Park W14

Live: Out
Start: ASAP/September
Rate: £564  per week (Candidate dependent)
Ref: LNBar2

This role has everything a professional nanny wants including an early finish on a Friday! It is a Live Out, Sole Charge role and only requires minimal holiday travel. The family are looking for someone warm, fun, positive, proactive & energetic, who has experience and approaches their role as a nanny with great enthusiasm. They would love someone who enjoys the process of implementing and engaging a child in learning thereby supporting their kind, bright, and busy boy (3.5 Years) with his letters, numbers, reading etc. He loves football, tennis and going to nursery. His little sister (8 months old) is a very happy and easy baby who is incredibly smiley. Holland Park has a great nanny network, it would be an added bonus for mum and dad if you have already worked in the area before. The family would like someone who is able to work independently and who is confident in organising play days, classes, activities etc. for both children. Auto driver essential. Monday to Thursday (08:00 am – 06:30 pm) and Friday (08:00 am – 01:00 pm) £564 net per week.

Marylebone W1

Live: Out
Start: ASAP
Rate: £600 net per week
Ref: LNDid

A dreamy & rare sole charge live out position with a 6:30 PM FINISH! These lovely previous clients of ours are looking for a top notch nanny for their 3 children, 2 boys age 8 and 6 and a girl aged 4. The candidate should ideally be from an educational background with solid previous experience of helping with homework and would be suitable to someone who is able to inspire trust, and has a good work ethic. It is Important to the family that you maintain manners and boundaries and encourage respect for others, allow and encourage age-appropriate independence, and also have the ability to direct the children’s focus. If you enjoy creativity, physical activity and can impart this upon them, it would be appreciated. The nanny should also be a good communicator who will give advice and feedback to the parents, it is paramount you have a good sense of humour and a positive outlook. You should take pride in being, highly organised and have excellent and healthy cooking skills. Ideally, you will have already worked in London so that you may hit the ground running by being familiar with the broad range of activities that it has to offer children of all ages. No travel, the family do have a country home about an hour from London. Driver essential. Monday – Friday (08:00 am – 06:30 pm). –  £600 net per week

Honour Oak

Live: Out
Start: September
Rate: £600 net per week
Ref: LNWar

Calling all FLUENT SPANISH SPEAKING Nannies for a perfect live out  job in South East LONDON! The Spanish language & fluency thereof is needed for the language development for this gorgeous little boy, who is 7 months old. To be successful in securing this role you must be a trained professional nanny with a significant amount of experience caring for babies. In this Nanny/Home manager role you are also responsible for all the normal nursery duties and a bit of family cooking (by just making bigger batches when doing batch cooking & adding spices etc. for the adult portions), this is normally once or twice a week and some family laundry (simply added in together when little one is napping). Mum is heading back to work in September 2018, once the nanny is settled, she can,in the beginning be working from home BUT this will become less and less. Mum also travels for work. Monday to Friday (08.00am – 6/6:30pm) £600 net per week

Holland Park

Live: Out
Start: ASAP
Rate: £720 – (Candidate dependent)
Ref: LNLog

The family are looking for a lovely Live out nanny to join their family. They need someone who is compassionate and patient, who will be aware that there are lots of changes for this little girl aged 2 years old and help her to settle into her new life in London, they are moving from Russia. So new country, new school and new nanny! They are hoping for someone from a teaching background but will consider someone who is trained that has oodles of developmental and educational knowledge. Manners, behaviour and boundaries are important; they would like their little one to be a well-adjusted child. Mum would like the nanny to ensure that she is playing with age appropriate toys but that she is also challenged educationally and encouraged to try new things. She enjoys blocks, games singing etc. but she is not so keen on books or reading so this is something that the nanny needs to make interesting and fun in order to entice her interest. Mum works from home but the Nanny leads the day, she does give you full autonomy whilst on duty. They are a healthy living family and would like this to be encouraged. Hygiene is also very important to mum. Travel – 4 – 6 weeks per year. It would be a bonus to have a nanny who was a Russian or French speaker. Otherwise, you must be native English for language development. Monday to Friday (07.00am – 07.00pm) £720 net per week.


Live: Out
Start: September
Rate: £480 net per week – (40 hours per week) Monday – Thursday
Ref: LNGri

Do you come from a teaching background? If yes then this is the role for you! Mum is looking for an energetic nanny who will keep the children’s lives very organised and assist the children, a boy aged 4 years old and his sister aged 5, with their homework. The youngest will be starting school in September so being mindful of this transition and giving him the necessary support will be required. He also needs a bit of patience but responds well to structure. Mum wants the nanny to look after the children’s social diaries. When there is time during term time, (whilst the children are at school) mum would like the nanny to do family cooking and batch cooking and help with some household PA duties. The working week is Monday – Thursday – Term Time: Guaranteed 40 hours per week – the structure will however need to be flexible, some days will 12 – 8pm & others will be an earlier start & later finish encompassing babysitting etc. to make up the 40 hours School Holidays: Will still be 40 hours per week guaranteed but more structured & set start and end times to your day. This is share care and sole charge role as this is a busy mum who is in and out .The family have a home in the countryside and they would like the nanny to go to it with them – There may also be some other short travel. Auto Driver. Monday – Thursday (40 hours per week) £12 net per hour (£480 net per week).


Live: Out
Start: September
Rate: £660 net per week
Ref: LNDec

These lovely first time parents are looking for a SUPER DUPER trustworthy and reliable nanny for their first child who will be 3 months old when the role starts. They would like someone who is warm, loving & a good communicator. The nanny will be responsible for the normal nursery duties & maintaining & adjusting the little one’s routine as needed. Mum would also like the nanny to introduce her daughter to local age appropriate & beneficial clubs & classes & eventually organising little play dates for her to host & attend. They would like the candidate to have a minimum of 7 yrs. experience. Mum will be returning to work in December. They are hoping for a Brazilian nanny with 7 yrs. + nanny experience as they are a Brazilian family , alternatively they have heard great things about Norland so they would consider a candidate who has trained there too, Non Driver.Travel – ideally once or twice per year – not a huge amount. Live-out – Monday to Friday (08:00am – 07:00 pm). £660 net per week


Live: Out
Start: beginning September
Rate: £600 -£660 net per week
Ref: LNSoh

We loved this Mum’s wording of her requirement so we have just decided to repeat it here unedited – “Our freshly baked son will be looking for a new buddy to come play with him, take care of him and generally help him discover the world, beginning in September. We are a fun little family of 4, with international backgrounds, that has spent much of the last 20 years in London. Our newest little family member will be a little over 4 months in September. Occasionally, a little help may also be needed to supervise his older brother, who will be turning six years old in October. This may include sometimes collecting him from the American school in St Johns Wood. He is a responsible, curious, chatty and fun-loving little man with a developing sense of humour. Primarily this role is however is about spending time with the little brother. We are looking for someone who is clearly passionate about jointly helping a little person discover the world! Initially this will be alongside his mother, who will start working from home a little again in October. From November onwards, it will become a ‘sole-charge’ role, although both parents will continue to spend some time working from our spacious and bright London home. Key characteristics, aside from the obvious traits of being dependable and attentive, are someone energetic, creative, patient, thoughtful and caring. Experience with children from a few months old until toddler age is a prerequisite. All in all, we are looking for someone exceptional. We’d like to think that working for our family is also extra enjoyable. An added bonus would be someone who speaks German, but this is not a requirement. Travel is also part of the role, with trips to visit family in South Africa or California each year (2 weeks to each place) and where the candidate will get plenty of down time while we spend time with extended family. Should it be of mutual interest, there is also the option of joining the family on holidays, usually to tropical locations such as Thailand, The Maldives, Mexico or similar. No Driving Monday – Friday (7.30 am – 7.30 pm) £600 -£660 net per week. Thank you for listening “

South Kensington

Live: Out
Start: mid-October
Rate: £660 per week – Candidate Dependent
Ref: LNDes

A little girl who was born in May 2018 will need a daily nanny to take over care of her as her mum is returning to work in November 2018 & her dad works full time too, so this is a sole charge position Monday to Friday with duty hours of 8 am-7 pm. A degree educated (in early years) nanny with English, Spanish, Italian or French as a 1st language is preferred. This is a vacancy for a candidate who is happy to settle in with the family a build a long-term working relationship. As it is a daily position, you should be punctual and reliable by nature so that mum can leave on time for work. Your day will be planned & filled with lots of creative & stimulating activities for the baby that enhance her development. The parents are happy to take any suggestions of age appropriate & beneficial clubs and classes that you recommend for her to attend. They are keen for their daughter to experience happy and stable formative years with you so that she flourishes into a well-mannered & well-adjusted young lady. Nursery duties will be part of your job responsibilities and you don’t need to be a driver. Live out. Monday – Friday 8 am-7 pm Auto or Non driver. £660


Live: Out
Start: Sept
Rate: £500 – £600 net per week
Ref: LNBar

A Nanny job that finishes at 5:30pm is a rare find and we have one! This post starts at 7:30 am and is based in hip and happening Islington, the children are 4 and 2 (both boys) and their nanny of 3 years will be leaving them in September to open her own nursery school. Consequently, the boys are in need of an equally loving, fun, kind and educated Nanny to replace her. The new candidate should be mature, enthusiastic & energetic. You will have an inclusive relationship with mum who does work, but can do so from home. Whilst you lead the day, she is on hand to partner with you should the need arise. The eldest will be entering reception as of September 2018 and Mom or Dad tend to take him to school in the morning, whilst you entertain the younger sibling who has an enviable social life of playdates and established clubs & classes! In the afternoons, you will pick up the 4 year old from school, and as of September, his little brother will start nursery. Ideally, you should hold a drivers licence and be confident to drive in London. A candidate who is from a Mediterranean background who has fluent English would be most desirable. There will be a requirement to travel with the family on some holidays abroad. Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm £500 – 600 p/w Driver. Start September 2018.


Live: Out
Start: July/August
Rate: £720 per week – Candidate Dependent
Ref: LNVas

This is an incredibly straightforward sole charge, live out nanny role, where you are given autonomy whilst on duty (8am – 8pm Monday- Friday) of two boys age 4 and 1yr. The eldest is at Fulltime School and the little one goes to age appropriate beneficial clubs classes & playdates. You will manage the children’s schedules and day to day needs. The eldest is mechanically minded he loves taking things apart and finding out how they work, he is a real explorer and enjoys whizzing around on his scooter. His younger brother has a fabulous routine and will start nursery in the afternoons in 2019. They are both good eaters and the nanny  who will be taking care of their meals is welcome to introduce them to new tastes and foods that they have not yet tried. As Mum and Dad both work full time you should be confident in your abilities, organized and capable as everyone is depending on your common sense and imagination to ensure that the boys are well cared for, super stimulated & having loads of fun. Start July/August £720 Non driver Sole Charge 8am-8pm Monday – Friday.


Live: Out 4 or 5 days (40-50hrs)
Start: Secured by end July
Rate: £12p/hr
Ref: LNMui

For the most part finding the perfect nanny job is about finding an employer who appreciates & understands the enormous contribution you make each and every day to the wellbeing and happiness of their children – if you are feeling underappreciated and undervalued let me reassure you that there ARE families out there who understand & appreciate that you are an INVALUABLE contributor to their family & without you they wouldn’t be able to happily skip out the door to work knowing that their children were in the safe & loving hands of their wonderful nanny, and by recognizing this they treat you with the kindness & respect that a true professional nanny deserves. We have a wonderful Chelsea based family who come with the highest recommendation from previous nannies, who will be needing a new nanny as of September 2018. The delightful children who you will be caring for are a girl of 8, a boy of 6 and their younger sibling, also a boy age 9months & they are a true reflection of their lovely parents and of course the lovely nannies who have touched their lives thus far (2 in 6 years). We suspect that anyone who chooses to care for them will be very, very happy with their decision to do so indeed. It is a sole charge position for a professional nanny with relevant experience & child related qualifications that can accommodate a candidate who wishes to work 4 or 5 days ( 40- 50 hrs) each week and 1 night of babysitting by arrangement (that will be paid extra if used.) An Auto driver is essential.


Live: In/Out (vacate at weekends)
Start: ASAP
Rate: Live In: £550 – £600 – Live out: £605 – £780
Ref: LNDuf

Nanny is in charge of the schedule of the family’s twin girls who are 2 years old, including all meal planning, diary organisation and all their activities. The family are looking for a professional, discreet, warm, nurturing, gentle, energetic nanny for their little girls. Being organised and tidy is a necessity   Mum does not work but is busy with various building projects and understands it is difficult for a nanny to do her job properly if she keeps dipping in and out so will stay out of the way as much as possible. The family have holiday homes in Spain, Ireland and Barbados and if the nanny would like to travel with them, they are very welcome! Driving is not needed. The family have a big dog that lives outside the home (no care needed). The family’s home is located 10 mins from Gerrards Cross. Monday – Friday, (07/08:00 am – 06:30 / 07:00 pm) Live in: vacate at weekends – £550 – £600 net per week. Accommodation – top floor own bedroom / bathroom. Live out :£605 – £780 net per week.


Live: In/Out
Start: September
Rate: Live In £400 – £450 Live out – £690 – £720 net per week
Ref: LNSel

These lovely repeat clients of ours are looking for a wonderful nanny who has a happy and positive demeanour. In this role you will be working alongside mum caring for a girl aged 7, who is a real girly girl, she loves ballet and her friends, twin boys aged 5, who are both very active and enjoy trips to the park and their baby brother currently aged 7 months. This self- professed socially active family are ideally looking for a candidate who is able to help the children with homework and their social development and organisation. You will be delighted to know that the family really do care for their nannies; they treat them with kindness and consideration. You must have baby experience to be able to guide and advise as needed as well as older children experience to be able to engage with all member of this lovely family. This is a live in or live out job. The live in position provides you with your own bedroom and bathroom with access to a kitchenette and children’s playroom which can be used as a lounge at night. Some travel. Monday – Friday (07:00 am – 07:30 pm). Driver essential (auto). Live in option: £400 – £450 net per week. Live out option:  £660 – £720 net per week.

Maida Vale

Live: In/Out
Start: Beginning September
Rate: Live In: £500  – Live out: up to £720
Ref: LNAla

A busy mum is looking for a bright, fun and enthusiastic candidate to care for her son aged 3 (who ADORES music!!) and his baby brother aged 9 months. In this lovely sole charge role mum really wants someone who will enjoy playing with the children and can teach them new things through play. They are ideally hoping for a qualified nanny. Mum would also like someone who will be chatty and engaging with the children… A grammatically correct English speaker is ideal for the language development of these two little ones. You will be is responsible for all the normal nursery duties and cooking for the children and there will be the odd household errand. Auto Driver. Days of work – Mondays – Friday (07:30 am – 07:30 pm) Live-in: £500 net per week. Live-out: up to £720 net per week.

East Finchley N2

Live: In/ Out
Start: ASAP
Rate: Live in: £500 – £600 net per week. Live out: £660 – £720 net per week.
Ref: LNNir

This fun and busy family have 3 girls aged 4.5 yrs., 5.5 yrs., 6.5 yrs and a little boy aged 3.5 yrs, and are keen to recruit a mature nanny who has team spirit, common sense and a helpful attitude. Maintaining the children’s manners, discipline and supervision of homework are essentials of this role; they are an informal family and have a “well oiled” easy going, calm & relaxed routine. The children are at full time school but at busy times, when they are all around, you will get some extra support: with a divide and conquer approach with either Mum or Dad helping you out. During the time that all children are at school & once and all the normal nursery duties have been completed, Mum insists you  have down time, as she wholly acknowledges that when it is busy in this household it is very busy indeed! All the children are fit and healthy and are very creative, they love singing, and play the piano, violin, dance and love arts and crafts. No Travel. Auto Driver Essential. Monday – Friday, (07:00 am -06/07:00 pm). Live in option: own bedroom on the same floor as the children and share a bathroom £500 – £600 net per week. Live out option:  £660 – £720 net per week.

Hampstead N2

Live: Out/In
Start: ASAP
Rate: Live-out: £480-£500; 4 days a week OR Live-in: 450-£500 5 days a week
Ref: LNHan

This lovely repeat Kensington Nannies client is on the hunt for a tip top educationally focused nanny who has English as their first language (this is essential for helping with homework) and who LOVES their job. Equally important is that you are comfortable looking after 3 children two Girls 9 and 11 and the little brother aged 6, which  could entail hosting playdates for all 3 at the same time! You will need to organise (mum and dad are very organized) everything for the children ensuring that you can fully support and supervise homework with a real and genuine interest of promoting child development. All nursey duties apply along with household and PA duties too (supermarket & other errands etc). This is a Kosher household, No travel. Driving essential! Live-in: accommodation is own bedroom and bathroom on your own floor! Mondays – Friday (07:00 am – 08:00 pm) £450 -500 net per week. Live-out: Mondays – Thursday (07:30 am – 08:00 pm) £480 -500 net per week. 


Live: In/out
Start: Mid-August
Rate: £400 -£720
Ref: LNCaw

This role allows for some downtime in the day (when the children are at school) – Mum and dad are happy for the nanny to study or pop to the gym once all duties are complete (of course you must be contactable in case one of the children is sent home ill etc.). The children generally get on well – the little girl aged 6yrs is arty and musical, her brother aged 4 enjoys make believe games and anything that involves balls! The Nanny will be responsible for all the normal nursery duties & cooking for the children. Mum would really like someone who will encourage new things and encourage healthy eating. If you are happy to keep the home as you find it, do errands, organise clubs, classes, after school activities, and can promote outdoor sporty play that would be wonderful. They would like a nanny who has a level head with lots of “get up and go” and who is very enthusiastic. There will also be homework support needed. Dad lives nearby, so someone mature who is able deal with children’s curious questions, in this new situation, in a sensitive way is desirable. Auto Driver. Some Travel. Live –in –at Mums house – Bed & bathroom – Monday to Friday (07:00 am – 07:00 pm) £400 – £450 net per week.

Live –out  –Monday to Friday Term Time (07H00 – 19:00) School holidays (07H30  – 19H00 ) £650-£720 net per week.


Live: Out/In
Start: ASAP
Rate: Live-out: £605-£660; OR Live-in: £400-£450
Ref: LNIng

The Nanny who chooses to apply for this role MUST enjoy being in the country side – as this welcoming family live in the gorgeous Oxfordshire country side with 3 children who are used to being outside and going on lovely adventures! Mum and dad are happy to look at either trained or experienced nannies (you can be both!). The children are a little girl aged 5, and two boys aged 3, and 2, with a little one on the way, due November. Mum will leave you to organise the older children’s social diaries, whilst she is taking the baby to friendly local clubs and classes, despite this some experience in looking after babies is desirable. The Nanny is responsible for all the normal nursery duties and the cooking for the children. To succeed in this position you must have a muck- in attitude and be happy to support with the smooth running of the household. The family have ponies and dogs at their property. They also have a helpful & kind housekeeping couple who live at the property. Auto Driver- essential. Travel – very little – about 1/2 weeks per year. ! Live-in: Mondays – Friday  (07:00 am – 06:00 pm) accommodation is own bedroom and bathroom. £400 -£450 or £500 (If you are able to vacate at weekends) Live-out: MUST LIVE LOCAL Mondays – Friday  (07:00 am – 06:00 pm) : £605-£660 net per week.

Herne Hill SE24

Live: In/Out
Start: End Aug /beginning September
Rate: up to £550 L/I – £660 L/O net per week
Ref: LNCla

You have your own top floor bedroom, bathroom and study in this role should you choose to do the  live-in option (you have three options to choose from). This lovely, welcoming family have 3 children boys 6 and 2 and a little girl age 4 years, and are looking for a positive, energetic, enthusiastic and patient candidate. They really want someone who takes pride in their chosen career; in a nutshell, that you find your chosen profession rewarding & approach it with enthusiasm & joy! If you are proactive, have a sensible head on your shoulders as well as having bundles of initiative, you will be just what the family ordered. You will be responsible for everything pertaining to the children from school runs to helping with homework, and creating a fun and engaging activities as well as cooking healthy meals. The children are fit, healthy and straight forward. Driver preferred not essential .They have a pet tortoise who lives in the garden. Monday – Friday 7:30am – 6:30pm, sole charge. Option 1 – Live in 7 days a week on duty: Monday – Friday (07:30am – 6:30pm) –£450-£550 net per week. Option 2 – Live in role on duty: Monday – Friday (07:30am – 6:30pm) – you vacate the property at the weekend – £600 net per week. Option 3 – Live out role: Monday – Friday (07:30am – 6:30pm). £660 net per week.

West Kensington

Live: In/Out
Start: ASAP
Rate: £400 – £720 net per week
Ref: LNHey

A proactive, nanny with lots of get up & go will be perfect for this family who can accommodate a live in or live out nanny. They are looking for a qualified nanny with excellent experience – ideally same age group in their last role – for a little girl aged 8 months and her big brother who is nearly 3. Mum and Dad want lots of educational stimulation and preparation for nursery (numbers, colours etc.) Introduced in a gentle and fun way to the Children, alongside introducing them to lovely clubs & classes too. The Nanny is responsible for all the normal nursery duties and the odd household PA errand. You will travelling with the Family, who have a home in Marbella, all in all is about 6 weeks international travel (summers and 1/2 terms etc.) over a year. Live-in accommodation own Bedroom- share bathroom with children, Monday – Friday, (7:00 am – 7:00 pm), £400 -500 net per week – Live-out: (7:00 am – 7:00 pm) – £660 – £720 net per week.


Live: In/Out
Start: September
Rate: £500 – £600 net per week
Ref: LNNah

Boys! Boys! Boys! Boys! This family have 4 of them, aged 8, 3 and twins of 6. The eldest three boys are all at full time school (different schools), and the youngest is at a Montessori nursery, they are all very sporty! Your typical day will include the normal nursery duties, cooking scrumptious meals, helping them with homework, (an educational background would be great). You will also be responsible for all child duties e.g. Play dates, activities, taking the children to the Park, to the Library and other places of interest, Stimulating and developing the children through play, games etc. You must be positive and attentive with great organisational skills; a sensitive and caring nature is ideal as most of your time is spent with the littlest. Yet, you must have the balance and the ability to maintain discipline and the routine. Mum works part time from home. The family usually travel when the children are on school holidays. September start. Auto-Driver. Live – in, Monday- Friday, (7:30 am-7:30 pm) Bedroom and Bathroom on same floor as children £500 net per week. Live – out – Monday- Friday (11:00 am-8:0 pm) £540- £600 net per week


Live: In/Out
Start: October
Rate: £350 -500
Ref: LNPiz

This is a lovely live in or live out sole charge role, Tuesday to Friday position caring for a chatty little girl aged 3 and her baby brother who is 4 months. You will be provided with your own bedroom and ensuite-bathroom if you choose the live in option. Nanny is responsible for all the normal nursery duties. They would like cooking for the whole family BUT in this, household the nanny and the parents take it in turns to cook! They would like someone who is going to nurture the children’s interests – mum would like someone who is going to have good ideas to keep the children entertained (without TV). If your developmental knowledge is good and you have good baby experience too, that will be just great. The little girl had excellent communications skills –and is fearless, so you need to similarly be as chatty and on the ball as she is. The house has many stairs so someone fit & active is a must! The family have two cats so no allergies please. Driver or Non – driver. Live in – 4 days a week – £300 net per week. (07: 30 am – 07:30 pm). Live out – £500 net per week.

Hackney – With a move to Bath, Spring/Summer 2019 (Nan to move with them)

Live: Out /In
Start: September 18
Rate: £400 – £600 – £ for stellar candidate
Ref: LNEri

An experienced nanny who has had longevity in their previous positions is required for this Live – in or Live out position. Mum is looking for a Tip Top career nanny who will provide stability for her 3 children, Boy aged 3 and baby twins Girls aged 4.5 months. This role has both shared care and sole charge elements. Mum is around but does not interfere – she does however, like to do activities with the children when she can. The family need someone who is punctual, flexible and unflappable. If you have positive energy and can work independently without much instruction and always able to come up with a plan B, you will be just perfect. The family are keen to ensure that the children’s developmental milestones are reached so someone who has a Montessori or other similar Qualifications would be ideal. All normal nursery duties apply including cooking from fresh -No processed food! The parents are traditional and would like their children to grow up to be a happy well rounded polite and well mannered. They are an informal family who appreciate an honest and straight forward approach. Neutral English for language development. Live – in. Monday – Friday – LONDON – SEPARATE FLAT around the corner from the home Live – in. BATH – Bedroom, and Bathroom – £400 – £500. Live – out option – Monday – Friday (08:00 am – 7:00 pm) – £600 net per week.    

Regents Park

Live: In
Start: mid-August
Rate: £1200 Gross per week
Ref: LNAls

If you enjoy working on a self-employed basis , and would like to be based in London but fancy some travel now and then to spice up your life and have a penchant for caring for infants then keep reading. You will be taking over the care of a 6 month old boy on a 24 x 6 basis from a professional Maternity nurse so a well-established routine is in place. You should be available to devote the next 6 months of your life to this darling little girl and be happy to work in a fully staffed household in Regents Park as well as various locations internationally. Of course you should be fully clued up on the forthcoming milestones and able to implement appropriate action as required. The family are friendly and kind and are keen to recruit a nanny with solid experience in similar roles, who will fit seamlessly into this happy home. Start Mid-August £1200 Gross – nanny to declare their own taxes) Minimum of 6 months availability. Share bedroom with the little boy. Tons of international travel. £1200 Gross each week.

Fulham SW6

Live: In
Start: ASAP
Rate: £400-£550 candidate dependant
Ref: LNWeb

Great accommodation! Great children! and Great Parents! This Live in position has it all! You will have your own entrance to a self-contained flat with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. This friendly and easy going family and looking for a proactive, bubbly, outdoorsy and sporty nanny, who has a fun but firm attitude. The children respond well to positive reinforcement, explanation and discussing issues rather than the time out methods. These are very busy parents (Mum speaks French to the children) so you will look after everything relating to the children, a boy of 6 and his sisters 5 and 3 years old,  including organising the children’s lives and helping then with homework. The children are all fit and healthy and very good eaters, the parents would love someone who enjoys cooking healthy homemade meals from scratch and who will widen the children’s choices / variety of meals. Manners are very important to the parents. They all get on very well together and enjoy each other’s company. There is also a great nanny network in the area. Granny is nearby and happy to lend a hand particularly with proxy parenting. Auto driver highly preferred. Travel with the family – Skiing & South of France – not a deal breaker if Nan doesn’t want to go. Monday – Friday (07:00am – 07:00pm) –£400-£550 net per week. Candidate dependant.

Kentish town

Live: In
Start:  ASAP
Rate: £400 – £500 net per week
Ref: LNHic

This family have 3 lovely girls, all of whom are happy and healthy; a little one aged 2.5 yrs. and two little, little ones; baby twins aged 10 mths, so multiples experience is essential. The family would like someone who is bubbly and has excellent communication skills. You do need to be fit and active as the family house has 5 floors & it’s tough carrying the twins up & down. The eldest needs assistance with cognitive development, in the most natural way, she is very active and full of energy and loves to be busy, she particularly loves painting. She is very fond of her sisters. The twins are in a great routine, they sleep very well & are happy & relaxed. They both ADORE their older sister – their little faces light up when they see her. All regular nanny duties including preparing meals, following a structured routine and taking little one to classes / out and about. Mum will be at home on maternity leave but is looking for someone to take responsibility as if on a sole charge basis. You are required to have grammatically correct English for language development. Non driver. Travel generally 3 times a year. This job is a Monday –Friday (7:30 am – 7:30 pm). £400 – £500 net per week.

Regents Park

Live: In – Own entrance
start:  Beg/mid-September
Rate: £450 – £550 net per week
Ref: LNBla

Calling all French or English nannies! This is an excellent role caring for 5 children, 4 boys aged 14, 11, 10yrs and baby boy aged 3 months and a girl aged 13yrs. The children are all happy, fit and healthy. The older children are all at the same school (French System) & the youngest is at home with the nanny. Mum is back to work at the end of September 2018 & Dad works full time. This sole charge role where you will be responsible for all the normal nursery duties & cooking for the family (Mum and dad will eat what the children eat) Mum normally does the menu plan on a Sunday which you can just follows – although if you would like to do the menu plan then mum is very happy for this to be passed on!. You MUST be able to help the children with homework and be supportive of their interests. Your duties also include helping with School drop off’s & pick-ups – although the eldest two will help with this if their schedules allow. BABY DUTIES: Weaning & routine adjustment. Development activities & clubs & classes that are age appropriate. He is an easy baby & is currently breast fed. OLDER CHILDREN: They are a great team! They are all musical & the boys have formed a “band” They all generally get on very well & sport & academic. Auto Driver or non-driver. Potential travel Monday to Friday – (8am -8pm). £450 – 550 net per week Live-in accommodation – own entrance on Lower ground – bedroom & bathroom.


Live: In
Start: September/October
Rate: £450 net per week
Ref: LNBuc

This is a super position based in Chelsea. In this role you will be looking after a little girl aged 1.5, there is also a new baby on the way arriving September 2018- who will have a maternity nurse for the first few months. The Family are looking for a long term commitment from their new nanny, who will grow with them and provide their children with a traditional childhood; discipline and  manners are very important to the family- they want their children to be polite and  well-rounded members of society. If you are an outdoors enthusiast and can encourage lots of outdoorsy play and activities, happy to go outside even when ‘it might rain’, you will be a perfect fit for the family. Mum is trying to instil in her little one independent play, so that she is not reliant on an adult providing constant entertainment but is in a safe environment for her to explore her imagination, she does attend some clubs and classes for social development. Nanny is responsible for all the normal nursery duties including cooking for the children, who will helpful and willing to muck- in. You are required to have grammatically correct English. The Family have a dog who will need a walk daily. Live-in: Mondays – Friday (07:30 am – 07:30 pm) £450 net per week. You will be provided with your own bedroom and bathroom.

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Maternity nurses

We are always looking for experienced and quality maternity nurses to work abroad. Please do send us your CV should you have the relevant training and experience.  £1000 net per week.

Jobs Abroad

Kensington Nannies has a dedicated International section, which specialises in finding experienced nannies jobs abroad. If you are interested in any of these positions, or would like details of other jobs, please contact us.  


Live: in
Start: ASAP
Rate: £1000 per week.
Ref: OSAls

This a wonderful position for a fun focused governess who will be a role model and educator for 4 bright children. The older 3 children are at full time school (British school system) until about 3:30 pm each day, so a huge chunk of your day is free during term time. The children are a girl aged 11 years – she is quite grown up and a little shy to start with, she has a flair and an interest in languages and loves gymnastics. Her oldest brother is 9 years old and he loves football. The other little girl in the household is 7 years old and is a real little chatterbox, she loves ballet, gymnastics and football – She has just been on holiday to Spain and has learnt flamenco dancing and is a little star! The youngest is a happy and healthy 2 year old boy, he loves to be with his older siblings and is very advanced for his age although he is not a big part of the job at this point. All of the children have helper nannies and your responsibility will be as a facilitator to the smooth running of the children’s days. Your will work a 6 day week, 12 hours day (with a break if all duties are completed). Your accommodation is a bedroom and bathroom in a shared staff villa that is within the Diplomatic quarter, which is like a city in itself  with malls restaurants, open parks and sports facilities etc. 6 days a week, £1000 per week.


Live: In
Start: late August
Rate: £600 net per week (Candidate dependent)
Ref: OSCol

Based in France on the boarder with Switzerland live a gregarious family of 5, who are eager to welcome an English native Nanny so that the boys age 9, 4 & 3 may improve upon their existing intermediate English language skills. The two older boys are at full time school and their little brother attends Nursery in the mornings. They have a beautiful home in a rural location which has quick links into town where you will find an array of facilities to entertain you so a Nanny who is equally happy in the countryside as they are in a city is best suited. You will have your own bedroom and bathroom on the property & will be on duty Monday – Friday working a 45 hour week. The eldest child is academic and would appreciate a nanny who can challenge him and expand upon his interests; the middle child wears his heart on his sleeve, is funny and engaging and is the idol of his laid back confident younger brother. The family do some lovely travel during school holidays so you will have some super travel experiences with them. The have 6 little dogs & chickens and are absolute animal lovers so you should be too! A driver is essential. An active Imagination & excellent negotiations skills will assist you in establishing a fantastic rapport with these bright boys who have firm boundaries already in place. Mum & Dad are loving, kind, and set firm boundaries for their children so that they will grow up to be respectful young men and would like a nanny who will mirror this approach, in a fair & firm and fun manner. Driver. 5 days a week, 45 hour week. £600 net per week


Live: In separate flat provided
Start: End Aug /beginning September
Rate: £50000 Gross (about £700 net)
Ref: OSHug

Based in hip & happening, buzzing Berlin are a family who are eager to welcome a fabulously, fun nanny who has a knack for teaching English in an imaginative way. The children who are Girls age 7 and 6 and a boy age 3 already have a basic knowledge however they are keen to master the English language. If you have perhaps done a TEFL course as well as having previously worked as a nanny you will ace the application process! Generally, you will be on duty 5 days a week on average working a 40 hour week, Dad speaks German to the children and Mum speaks Italian to them so they already have a flair for languages. You will have a separate flat off site for your sole use & will earn in the region of £700 net assuming you have the right skill set. Berlin is a city that is switched on 24 hours a day 365 days a year so you are sure to find plenty to do with the children as well as being entertained when you are not on duty. The children have asked for a nanny who has a sense of humour, who can cook well and who can ride a bike as they love to cycle to the forest nearby to explore. To fit with this family it would be best if you consider yourself to be dynamic, articulate (neutral English accent) energetic, quick to laugh and smile and have a sense of adventure. 5 days a week 40 hours a week separate flat start when we find the perfect fit £700 p/w

Doha & London

Live: In
Start: End Aug /beginning September
Rate: £1000
Ref: OSMoz

The main base in this role is Doha however, you will travelling extensively worldwide including a substantial amount of time spent in Mayfair London where the family have a second home. There is a 6yr old who has her own nanny and a 20mth old who needs a nanny and a baby is due in September and a Maternity nurse is already in place for the baby. In Doha they live on a property with other family members who also employ nannies so you are certainly not going to be short of friends in this job! The little girl who will be in your care (age 20mths) is highly entertaining and a joy to spend time with as long as you have an arsenal of activities up your sleeve that will keep you both busy each day as she is super curious , inquisitive and fully on board to engage. You need to be quick on your feet as she is constantly on the go and never seems to tire so your 12 hours that you are on duty are going to be pretty non-stop! You have your own bedroom in both London & Doha, when travelling if staying in hotels you will share a room with the little firecracker toddler. £1000 p/w 6 day week 12 hour day. Start before October. (The family are in London presently to meet and trial suitable candidates)

Dubai  & London

Live: Separate Flat offsite provided
Start: End Aug /beginning September
Rate: £6000 per month
Ref: OSGre

I know we are in the middle of a heatwave but winter will soon be upon us and it will be back to rain &  wind, coats, jumpers & boots in a few months – so if you fancy having a year of summer then you should consider this position as the family spend September – May in dazzling Dubai (where swimming pools and AC are the norm!) and then June – August in the UK. The best thing about this position is that your main role is that of fun weekend nanny as you are only on duty Friday, Saturday and Sunday as the boy of 6yrs and girl of 10 years already have English nannies who look after them Monday – Thursday. You will be provided with an apartment for your sole use off site & a driver will pick you up and take you to work and drive you home in the evening. As your duty days do fall over a weekend you should have a playful nature and be able to go with the flow of family life when school & routine are not as important. The family are in the public eye so you should be comfortable with some formality and definitely be able to genuinely list discreet as one of the adjectives you would use to describe yourself. Adaptable, respectful and flexible should also be strong traits of your personality. The family are in the U.K at the moment so would love to interview any candidate who can become part of their happy team. £1300- £1400 per week Separate flat mainly working a 3 day week.


Live: IN
Start: Mid-August or before
Rate: £800- 1000 net per week
Ref: OSOar

This is a fabulous position in Singapore that is sole charge of a gorgeous girl age 1yr, you will live in at the family’s home that is centrally located so you are easily able to take advantage of everything that this wonderful city has to offer. The parents both work and you will probably be travelling for up to 2 weeks every two months. You will be on duty Monday – Friday 8am- 8pm with two nights of babysitting inclusive of the salary. You will have a spacious bedroom & bathroom on a separate floor of the house offering you plenty of privacy. To apply for this role you should be very well educated (you must have a highly regarded childcare degree/ diploma) & have plenty and I mean plenty of experience that displays your acute ability to take on a sole charge position of this age group and be the adult in charge when proxy parenting. The parents are relying on you to ensure that their delightful little girl is reaching her full potential and is living the best life ever! You should be articulate, professional confident and self-reliant. You should have a professional pride and be aware of early year’s milestones, early learning programs & be able to implement an activity plan that has purpose & monitor the child’s achievements accordingly. By virtue of the fact that it is very sole charge, you should also be capable to manage the home in the parents absence liaising with health care practitioners, tradespeople the housekeeper etc. The parents are family orientated and have a large extended family and you will be welcomed as another member who is positively contributing to raising this happy curious and delightful little girl & a positive influence on her continued growth and development. Monday- Friday, 12 hour day 2 nights babysitting non driver £800- £1000.


Live: IN but separate accommodation on the property
Start: Mid-August/ Sept
Rate: £500-550 net per week
Ref: OSVan

This repeat Kensington Nannies client is located in the countryside in Belgium on a large estate, so in order to be truly happy here you should just love the countryside and enjoy embracing all that it has to offer, as it’s a good 15 minute drive into town. This position calls for a jack/ Jill of all trades, the household is formal and fully staffed so you should be a good communicator and respectful of your colleagues. The parents have one little boy who is 4 year old and attends fulltime school. Mom drops him off on her way to work, so in general your day starts at 10am in the mornings you may find yourself doing anything from picking up a guest from the airport to returning an item to a shop. You collect the child from school at 15H30 and spend the afternoon with him and your day ends at 7pm. Previously we have found that a self-sufficient mature, eloquent candidate with a can do attitude and a discreet manner has suited this role to a T. The family are “people of interest” in the area so discretion is key, they are old school traditional parents who will value your contribution and they manage all of their employees with kindness and respect. 5 days per week, option of 2 nights babysitting, travel, separate flat. Start August/ September. Driver essential. £500- 550netp/w

Abu Dhabi

Live: IN
Start: ASAP
Rate: £1000net per week
Ref: OSAlm

A charming single Mum in Abu Dhabi is embarking on her first ever recruit of a professional nanny. She has identified that her very lady like 5 year old daughter and her gregarious 3 year old boy would benefit hugely from having a qualified professional English or French (ideally Bi lingual) Nanny who would add structure, focused activities and boundaries to the children’s day. Both children are at full time school and Mum is a full time student. Unless travelling your day would begin at 13H00 and you would be on duty until 10pm, although the children are usually in bed with lights off by 20H30. You will be on 6 days per week with Friday being your day off. Every school holiday they take the opportunity to travel and this summer you, mum and the children will visit London, the Greek islands & Paris. On other trips you are likely to find yourself is the USA and Asia, so a candidate who loves travelling and exploring new destinations is an absolute must. There are other staff employed who will be supporting you with domestic side of nannying and it is important that you are respectful and kind to them so that there is a harmony in the home, and you are all able to rely on each other to lend a helping hand. You will have your own large bedroom and bathroom at the home and they do have a swimming pool so you must be a confident swimmer. The position predominantly requires you to educate, teach and organize the children’s daily itinerary. The little girl is keen on arts & crafts and loves getting involved in baking; she is easily pleased and gets on with everyone. The little boy is like a tornado he has insurmountable energy and is always whizzing around if he could spend all day running around outside he would. He is funny and adventurous and loves to build things, be it a den in the playroom or a Lego figure he is quick to engage and put his creative skills & vivid imagination to work. Ideally the new nanny will start by mid-July ready to accompany mum from AD on the plane as they start their glorious summer travel, if however you are truly perfect for the role it is possible that Mum will take a temp and she can meet you whilst she is in London in July with a view to you joining them when you can. £1000 non driver 6 day week.


Live: In (accommodation within the grounds of the property)
Start: ASAP
Rate: £1000-1200 net per week
Ref: OSAlt

Starting mid/late August is a position for a governess/governor who has the capabilities to tutor science & maths to a high standard, additionally a good knowledge of current affairs is essential. The child is a boy and he is going into year 7 in September 2018, he is exceptionally mature, analytical and extremely well-travelled. You will work closely with his school, as well as liaising with teachers; you shall be expected to manage his very busy diary of after school extra-curricular. An individual who will challenge & “stretch” him is going to suit well; he has a great sense of humour and will see you as his companion, confidante and role model. Whilst there is a big focus on education he is a typical boy who enjoys sporting activities & hanging out with his friends, so if you are a keen sports person he would certainly appreciate being able to kick a football about with you etc. You will visit many interesting countries whilst working with him and between the two of you, source and decide appropriate activities to explore in each destination. Whilst in Doha you will live on the property, but not in the family home. The household is fully staffed and you should be respectful or all of those who are working there, as they will be providing you with “back ground support” enabling you to do your job successfully. The day in term time starts very early at 6am he is then at school until the afternoon (during this time you may pursue your own interests) and you will then accompany him to his afternoon activities. Your day generally ends at 20H00 /21H00. You are on duty 5 and half days each week. If you have an additional language to offer alongside English, as a 1st language this would be an added bonus but it is by no means a requirement.


Live: In
Start: Summer/ September
Rate: £700+ per week
Ref: OSHou

NORLAND NANNY required to care for three girls aged 4, 6, and 9. They all attend a nearby English school and have few after-school clubs and activities in the vicinity. During school hours (08h30 to 15h20) the nanny would help as a house manager / governess, so preparing activities, ensuring their timetables are adequate and allow for the day to run smoothly, liaising with the school and the parents, doing healthy food shopping, and preparing balanced meals. A confident driver is required and a vehicle will be available for sole use. There may be some holiday travel but not frequent. The family live in a large house with a sizeable garden. There are horse farms, forests, ski resorts, as well as many outdoor activities nearby. The family are looking for a responsible, caring, wgell-organised, enthusiastic, professional nanny with a positive mind and strong organisation skills. You will instil good manners and discipline, supervise homework, and be generally autonomous in their day-to-day organisation to ensure that children follow a routine that allows for homework and educational activities. The role will include establishing a nurturing and educational environment, structured in a professional manner, whilst ensuring that age-appropriate activities are arranged to ensure the children meet their developmental needs. No house-cleaning would be expected. This is a sole charge position. Monday to Friday (7.45 am to 7.45 pm). The accommodation consists of a separate studio flat, located 1 km away from the family home. £700+ per week.


Live: In a separate flat
Start: Late August
Rate: £700 (candidate Dependant)
Ref: OSVol
Do you want to escape the rat race? Do you  long to just take a moment to “stop and smell the Roses?” if so, you would be very well suited to this new position registered  that is based in Luxembourg city , which may well be one of the small capitals in Europe but it has a ton to offer in terms of diversity & quality of life. No wonder this informal international family have chosen to call it home. As of late August, they would like to employ a nanny who is able to assist in ensuring that their two children (girl 2.5 & a baby born June 2018) are well cared for and become multi lingual, your neutral English accent & impeccable grammar will serve you well in successfully obtaining this position. You shall be on duty 10 hours each day and your days off are Fridays and Saturdays. The cherry on top of this already very attractive job is that you get a completely separate flat! Mum and Dad are very down to earth & have old fashioned values and consequently are looking for a nanny with similar qualities; a candidate who takes pleasure from the simple things in life will suit the family perfectly. You must be able to drive an automatic car (even though they live  centrally in a very safe neighbourhood) and you may make use of the car on and off duty to explore the city & beyond where you will rapidly find yourself in part forested hills where a string of beguiling villages each form enchanting huddles beneath stunning medieval castles. Luxembourg City is small but perfectly formed and multinational so English is widely spoken. It caters for all tastes from fancy restaurants to upmarket shops and of course, those who enjoy the great outdoors will be spoilt for choice of activities on offer to fill their spare time.

Malmo Sweden

Live: In
Start: September  
Rate: £700 per week
Ref: OSBer

A long standing client of Kensington Nannies is searching for a new nanny/companion/Jill /Jack of all trades  to join their family  on a long-term basis from Summer 2018 , the boys who have had Kensington Nannies caring for them since they were born and are now 8yr, 10yrs 12yrs years old and are real boys boys. The new candidate will be on duty 5 days a week 10- 12 hours per day. The family live on a working farm about 20 minutes from  Malmo ( Sweden’s 3rd largest city )  so you have to enjoy the great outdoors and embrace all that the countryside lifestyle has to offer. The boys are all at full time school, and as the family are real foodies they would love a person who loves to bake & cook and would use this time to prepare healthy nutritious family meals each day. Once the boys get home from school your focus will switch to them assisting with the busy afternoon routine. They are bright boys and very sporty, it is essential that you are a confident driver, and an animal lover (they have 2 Labradors who are very much part of the family) you will have your own separate cottage on the grounds providing you with great privacy. The previous nannies have all had similar qualities: fun loving ,sporty, fabulous cooks, easy going, hands on & loyal so if this is how you would describe yourself please do get in touch as this could be a perfect match for you ! £700 p/w net


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