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Changing trends in childcare & the importance of professional development

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Nannies

Continuing, or continuous, professional development (CPD), can be defined as any type of learning you undertake which increases your knowledge, understanding and experiences of a subject area or role. CPD is imperative within the childcare industry to ensure you are staying abreast of not only industry knowledge & skills development but also generational changes of various parenting styles. Parents are now very attentive to a Nannies academic background & knowledge, as well as their experience within the industry whilst recruiting the next candidate to join their homes.

CPD has many benefits, including, but not limited to; ensuring you`re advancing in line with other specialists in your field, having access to industry experts, improving engagement within your job & ultimately, becoming better at what you do.

Professional development courses are a useful tool should you have a particular interest in a specific  area of childcare: such as working with children with additional needs, by undertaking formal studies in the field you will be far better equipped to be successful in your role https://ukopencollege.co.uk/product-category/childcare-courses-online/ or perhaps you wish to enhance your knowledge of infant care, whilst nothing beats hands on experience the courses for those looking to transition into Maternity Nanny roles are plentiful https://www.newborneducation.co.uk/courses/

When choosing a Professional development course, do your research, be selective & always ensure it is accredited! CPD Online College has a multitude of various certifications you can explore for as little as £20 (+ VAT) per course; visit https://cpdonline.co.uk/ to see what courses they currently have available for you to explore and discover.

Alternatively, there are multiple platforms & Apps one can download, for additional reading, podcasts & audiobooks to read or listen to, to wind down after a busy day. Audible https://www.audible.co.uk/ offers a free 30- day trial & thereafter charges as little as £7.99/month!

Now, more than ever, to remain on top of a super competitive market, Nannies need to be aware of how parents are choosing to raise their children, familiarising themselves with varying needs and expectations according to individual households & consequently how to adapt their services for each family.

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