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Duties of a Nanny

  • Aiding with baby routines, sleep training and potty-training schedules
  • Cooking healthy, well- balanced meals for the children according to the family’s meal preferences (Always ensure to know if there are any food allergies)
  • Preparing packed school/ nursery lunches
  • Online food shopping, ordering & menu planning for the week
  • Batch cooking & freezing of meals in preparation for the weekend
  • Weaning, and introducing purees & solids as per parents’ instructions/ guidelines
  • Teaching children table manners, helping them use cutlery correctly, getting children involved with setting and clearing the table
  • Booking all check-ups, appointment`s and vaccinations for the children when and as required
  • Communicating and sending photos during days spent together, this could include keeping a diary of the children’s days & various activities undertaken
  • Bathing, hair washing, nail cutting, teeth cleaning, hair brushing and various other elements relating to the children`s overall hygiene & cleanliness
  • Sterilizing bottles, preparing bottles and bottle feeding for new-borns
  • Ensuring children’s bedrooms are tidy, bed sheets changed weekly, children’s washing all up to date, children’s wardrobe and drawers are organised and clothes they have out grown are bagged, labelled and put away
  • Arranging and going on play dates with friends and to restaurants/ parks/ playgrounds etc.
  • Doing arts and craft activities
  • Helping children to dress themselves, teaching them to tie shoe laces, do buttons etc.
  • Teaching children to be kind, caring, polite and respectful
  • Giving lots of praise for good behaviour!
  • Letting children have fun, explore and be creative and getting messy!
  • Helping children care for their pets; cleaning out cage or fish tank, feeding them and loving them
  • Packing & arranging bags prior to travelling abroad or locally
  • Proxy parenting duties; over night/ weekend and weekly looking after children 24/7
Older Children Duties
  • Creating inspiring and helpful resources to assist with projects
  • Creating resources to aid learning
  • Managing behaviour through different strategies and techniques, but mainly positive reinforcement
  • Being a positive role model
  • Assisting with & encouraging independence (where appropriate) with regards to hygiene, their belongings, offering guidance & support with their day to day tasks
  • Managing & monitoring their interaction with siblings
The Fun Stuff
  • Going to baby sensory classes, children centres, play groups, parks, museums, fire station visits, library’s, music classes, city farms, building dens, river dipping, water parks, fishing etc.
  • Hosting birthday parties, help arranging birthday parties, buying presents for birthday parties, helping children make and write birthday cards and wrapping presents
  • Fun baking activities as an afterschool activity
  • Nurturing & fostering their special interests e.g.: Taking children who are Chelsea fans to Stamford Bridge
  • Going on treasure hunts
  • Days out to the seaside
  • Playing board games & jigsaw puzzles
  • Quiet days in doing role play & dressing up
  • Reading books, singing, dancing to music, having fun, and laughing
  • Decorating house on special occasions i.e. Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Easter
  • Going to cinema and Theatre with children. Ten pin bowling. Go-karting. Quad bikes. Play zones
  • Hosting sleep overs with children’s friends
Other Additional Ad Hoc Responsibilities

(Most of these are done while children are at school and employers may not put it in a contract, but they may ask from time to time that you do them or use your initiative to help make your employers life easier, so they can spend quality time with their children at weekends)

  • Sorting children’s toys out, taking old toys to charity shops
  • Taking family vehicle`s for MOT`s, to be washed and filled with fuel
  • Waiting in for builders or repairs around the house. Normally would arrange when children are at school or have no after school activities
  • Collecting & posting parcels for parents & dry cleaning