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The start to finish 10-step guide of hiring a Nanny or Governess

Determining What You Need

This is your wish list of full requirements determining:

  • What are the must haves?
  • What are the nice to haves?

Not sure what you need? Call us

  • We are great listeners and pay attention to the said & the unsaid, we can help you identify your “must haves” from your ”would be nice to haves” and everything else in-between.

Calculate Your Budget

  • Make sure that you are paying the correct rate to attract the best candidates
  • Unsure of market rates? We can advise on current salaries, expectations, bonuses & perks

Register your Vacancy

  • To make sure that potential candidates understand the full list of responsibilities involved, a clear job specification is important, you can register online but in our opinion a phone call is always best. Phone us on: +44 207 937 2333
  • Not sure what you need?
  • We are here to guide you and tailor make a proposal that fulfils your needs & attracts the best candidate

The Screening Process:
Let us do the hard work, no more sifting through inappropriate applications.

  • Many candidates have been with the agency since their careers began so we are familiar with their previous experiences. Each time they enlist our services we confirm their new supporting documents, such as references, First aid, DBS & any further professional development courses obtained.
  • We receive and sift through 100’s of new applications each week.
  • On identifying a suitable application, we conduct an introductory telephone interview.
  • If we are subsequently interested, the candidate is invited for an in-depth interview, where a judgement is determined as to whether Kensington Nannies wishes to represent the candidate subject to due diligence checks.
  • Assuming we do believe they will uphold our reputation as the go to Agency for sourcing quality childcare, we spend countless hours collecting documentation on the candidate to further check their suitability.
  • Once we are happy that the candidate is likely to be good representation of our brand we then approach them about vacancies that meet the criteria they seek from a future role.


  • On your behalf we strongly encourage those that we think may suit your vacancy to consider it favourably and endeavour to differentiate your vacancy from the hundreds of other families seeking Nannies/ Governesses.
  • We believe that finding the true fit will result in a long-lasting relationship between the Nanny and the family.
  • Always erring on the side of caution we understand the responsibility we are being given.

We never go in for the hard sell and are transparent in our matching, making every effort to highlight to both parties any pro’s & con’s we foresee so that everybody makes an informed decision.


The Selection:

  • Of the many vacancies we register & candidates we choose to represent we cherry pick for both parties the roles/candidates that match each other best.
  • Time spent with the applicant and potential hirer talking through the role & applicant’s qualities as applicable.
  • Assuming both parties are happy an introduction is made, and an interview scheduled.


Interview your Selected Candidates

  • We would`ve taken care of the must haves, this is all about the nice to haves.
  • We will assist with setting up appropriate times suitable to both parties to interview should the hirer wish us to do so.
  • We ask that you carefully prepare for the interview so that you cover the job requirements and things that are important to you, this is your opportunity to determine the candidate’s qualifications for the role and personal qualities
  • We collect feedback from both parties after the interview.


Make a Shortlist

  • Determine who you would like to invite back for a trial day.


Make an Offer of Employment Subject to References

  • If your trial day is a success we will assist with the offer, acceptance and employment terms guiding both parties through the general & legal procedures & requirements.
  • We will have already checked the candidate’s references & supporting documents, but it’s always wise to have a word with a previous employer for your own peace of mind.


Prepare a Contract

  • We have a variety of templates that can be used, or you may use your own if all statutory requirements are listed.


 Get the Payroll & Tax Organised

  • Most people outsource to a payroll company, for our UK based clients we partner with Nannytax & can make an introduction for you.