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International Areas

Over the years Kensington Nannies has placed candidates with families in all 7 continents of the world from the bustling streets of India to the sunshine beaches of Barbados. As long as the employment is legal & the location is safe we would be happy to fulfil your recruitment needs.

Nanny/Governess/Maternity jobs U.A.E.

Based in the sunny Arabian gulf about a 7-hour flight from London Heathrow are the 7 emirates that make up the UAE; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Most Nanny /Governess positions tend to be in AlAin, Dubai & Abu Dhabi the emirates are all situated closely together so it easy to enjoy them all.

Nanny Governess jobs Dubai

Dubai is home to many high profile and ultrahigh net worth individuals who employ professional Nannies/ Governesses & Maternity nurses. With its long hot days filled with blue skies and enhanced by the blue warm waters of the Arabian sea, Dubai is a multi-cultural emirate with a diverse range of activities to keep adults & children alike entertained.

There is an established, large network of multi lingual Nannies and Governesses in Dubai, it is not unusual to find that most Nanny/Governess vacancies in Dubai are 6 days a week up to 12 hours a day. In exchange, salaries tend to start at the equivalent of £1000 per week or more. Given the popularity of Dubai many early years & primary educated teachers who initially move to Dubai to teach in schools leave the profession & transition into live out 5-day week Nanny / Governess jobs in Dubai enjoying the 1:1 interaction with a child that working for a private family yield.

Nanny Governess jobs Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is also home to many VIP and high net worth families, many of whom employ professional Nannies, Maternity Nurse and Governesses to care for and educate their children. In the hot summer months & periodically throughout the year the families travel locally & internationally so many require the Nanny/ Governess to be on duty 6 days each week. Often there is a separate apartment provided for the Nanny/Governess at the employer’s expense, and the households can be multi-generational & are fully staffed. In addition to the sunshine and beaches, Abu Dhabi is quietly sophisticated, full of jaw-dropping modern architecture, and assorted cultural, entertainment & shopping experiences.

Nanny / Governess / Maternity vacancies Middle East

Nanny/Governess jobs Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East, with a long tradition of employing British Nannies/ Governesses, Kensington Nannies are now on our 3rd generation of Saudi clients. To successfully fulfil a Nanny/Governess job in Saudi Arabia a western candidate needs to understand that there are adjustments to be made & to be respectful of the local laws & customs, acknowledging these families pay generous salaries to professionals who care for their children.  Popular locations for Nanny jobs include Riyadh, Jeddah & Al Khobar. Whilst candidates can expect a private bedroom as a minimum requirement, it is not uncommon to have a “Nanny suite” or separate villa within the palace /compound grounds.  Working as a Nanny or Governess in Saudi Arabia allows the chance to cross the path of others from all walks of life and to travel internationally across the globe in the course of fulfilling duties.

Nanny Governess jobs Doha, Qatar

Dynamic Doha is a wealthy, beautiful, modern metropolis with expats from all over the world. Doha Nanny/Governess jobs will usually involve travel and the Nanny/Governess can be expected to work 5 or 6 days a week, most of the children who require a Nanny/Governess who are of school age are following a U.K or U.S.A. curricular. Doha’s Islamic heritage mingles comfortably with its sophisticated modernity and is a popular location for many professional Nanny/Governesses to seek employment.

Nanny / Governess jobs Bahrain and Oman

Whilst it has a smaller Nanny network than many of the other middle eastern locations discussed there is a large expat community for support & friendship in each of these locations. Most positions do tend to offer tax free salaries, a lot of international travel & require the Nanny/Governess to be on duty 6 days a week unless the post is for an expat family who will generally request a 5 day week.

Nanny/Governess jobs Turkey

Geographically Turkey finds itself with one foot in Europe and the other in the Middle East. The official constitution is secular, which doesn’t include a state religion, even though the majority of the Turkish population is Muslim. With its rich history it is a diverse & magical country in which to live, most of the positions for a Nanny/Governess job are in Istanbul, a multicultural city which is both enchantingly ancient and modern, an old world blended with a new world. Many of the individuals who employ Nanny/Governess in Istanbul have summer homes on the western coast taking full advantage of the azure seas and long hot summer weather. Whilst not popular with candidates it is not unusual for positions in Turkey to require the Nanny to be on duty 6 days a week, 24 hour call however there has been a recent slight shift to 5 x 24 or 6 x 12-hour days. There is a huge Nanny network in Istanbul and English is widely spoken. As the state Turkish schools teach in Turkish  and many of our clients send their children to international schools & employ English speaking Nannies/ Governesses to assist with language development prior to, or during their children’s school career. The International Baccalaureate is the most common curriculum offered in Istanbul’s international schools, followed closely by the British and American curricula.

Nanny / Governess / Maternity jobs Far East

The majority of our childcare jobs within Asia, are based either in Hong Kong or Singapore, however we have previously placed candidates in Thailand, China and Malaysia.

Nanny Governess jobs Hong Kong / Singapore

Nanny or Governess positions within Asia provide extremely competitive salaries, with employers generally working within the finance industries which reflects on the hours that Nannies are engaged to care for the children. Typically, there is a huge preference for candidates who are educated child care professionals to take on these roles. Employers frequently request candidates who have their own accommodation or are willing to get their own accommodation. (Obviously this additional expense is reflected in the salary)

In Hong Kong there is a fantastic community of Nannies & a plethora of organised playgroups and activities for children to enjoy. The network of Nannies organise events such as brunches & dinners & other meetups that serve as a fantastic place to start networking for those who are new to the city. Hong Kong also allows for various activities outside of the developed area to also be enjoyed with country parks and nature reserves accounting for 40 % of Hong Kong Island. Visiting beaches, hiking and exploring the many trails & beautiful outdoors is easily done.

Singapore, is in Southeast Asia and also home to families seeking professional Nannies many of whom are expats from the USA, Australia, New Zealand & the UK who have chosen to call this safe and clean sovereign island city-state home. Singapore is a popular location for Australian Nannies as well as British Nannies to work as English is widely spoken. Nanny vacancies in Singapore tend to ask for duty days of Monday- Friday. With a convenient location & warm climate this city has much to offer, from Sentosa Island with its immaculate beaches, tropical settings & exhilarating attractions, butterfly farms & indoor play areas it is certain to mesmerise! Much of Singapore epitomises all things vogue & contemporary, from chic dining destinations to thrilling leisure spots.

Nanny Governess jobs Caribbean

Within the Caribbean, providing work permits are obtained, we service all locations –  however the Cayman Islands as well as the Bahamas seem to be most popular. These Nanny and Governess roles are inclined to be lifestyle positions, consequently you should enjoy sunshine year-round & outdoor living as when you elect to head to these area’s for work, you are most definitely choosing a slower paced/ island living way of life. These islands have much smaller communities, where you will be placed with families where majority of the time you`re working for parents who work within the banking industries.

The Bahamas, comprising of 16 major islands, offers heart-pounding adventure across 1000`s of square miles of the world’s most dazzling blue seawaters & the clearest ocean; it truly is the epitome of paradise! From pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters, super snorkelling & scuba diving experiences, to the swimming pigs of Exuma, The Bahamas has something to offer everyone!

The Cayman Islands incorporates 3 islands in the Caribbean Sea; Grand Cayman, Little Cayman along with Cayman Brac. The largest island, “Grand Cayman” is well known for its beach resorts, varied scuba diving and snorkelling sites, Cayman Brac is a common launch point for various deep-sea fishing tours & trips, and the smallest of the islands, “Little Cayman”, is home to incredibly diverse wildlife, including endangered iguanas.

Nanny Governess jobs Europe

Hours on duty and days on duty required from positions based in Europe are dictated by family life style and labour laws of the individual countries. Generally Nanny/Governess positions in hotter Mediterranean countries accommodate for the way of life.

Traditionally Families who live in Europe use the services of Kensington Nannies to seek skilled child carers, who, through day to day age appropriate activities will also improve the children’s English language skills.  Consequently, in addition to excellent childcare qualifications & experience the demand for English as a 1st language is frequently a pre-requisite of candidate criteria. Families living within the European Union may only employ those eligible to work within the Zone, so English first language Nannies/Governesses with existing work permits /EU passports are highly sought after.  Kensington Nannies may offer their services to fill Nanny/Governess jobs in popular locations such as Greece, Italy, France, Germany & Spain if the Employer is able to provide a work permit or if the candidate holds the correct working visa`s/ passports to work within the specified countries of their choice. However, work permits are costly & not readily available to those who do not have the automatic right to work.

The “rule of thumb” for Nanny/Governesses when deciding where in Europe you`d like to make your next country home is; the hotter the country, the longer the hours of work, whereas the colder the country the more structured your new European Nanny/Governess job may ultimately be!

Nanny/Governess jobs the USA

Professional Nannies are always sought after in the USA and many foreign Nationals would love the opportunity to work in America, the largest stumbling block for those without eligibility to work is obtaining a work permit, even the Nanny with the highest child related academic qualifications can struggle to meet the permit requirements.

Kensington Nannies does not assist with any visa applications, candidates need to be legally able to accept a position in the USA prior to registering as very few families can provide a non-USA national with the correct work visa.

US hirers could consider the H-2B program which is suitable for some foreign Nationals as long as they meet the very specific regulatory requirements. Additionally there is a capped number of these types of visas issued each year, so along with a lot of luck, obtaining it will involve a lot of “paperwork” & possible expense. It may have to be proven that there is no other person in the entire USA who can do the position.

Whilst it does have various restrictions associated with it, the J-1 visa is an option for those in the USA to sponsor a foreign Nanny. This requires the hirer to work with a US department of State designated sponsor and the applicant must also be affiliated with the sponsors association.

For the lucky few who do have the right to work in the USA as a Nanny, Los Angeles & New York are the most coveted locations and generally offer the most competitive salaries.