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Why use Kensington Nanny Agency to find a Job?

Candidate – Whilst we do not charge you a fee you are important to us, we believe that each Nanny, Governess & Maternity Nurse is unique & you are to be celebrated for the wonderful job you do!

We develop a relationship of respect & trust taking time to understand your past experiences & future aspirations. We will be your eyes and ears in the market giving you a greater chance in securing a post where you are valued & appreciated.

Kensington Nannies consultants are skilled at listening carefully to what you say and also what you don’t say which is crucial to securing you the perfect match, saving you time by taking care of the initial search for your ideal position.

We take time to understand your capabilities & performance in previous roles which means the end of doing pointless interviews for positions that don’t match your requirements, career objectives & value system.

We aim to give candidates whose registration is successful full details of the conditions that a prospective employer is offering; we never put any pressure on you to take a job you are not sure about and most importantly we value your feedback & will be your biggest cheerleader throughout your search and beyond.

As a result of our longevity in the industry we have an established & extensive network of the wonderful candidates & families we represent. Their continuous recommendations worldwide result in a constant flow of new positions being registered which gives us access to the Best Nanny jobs, Maternity Nurse Posts & Governess’s / Educator vacancies internationally and locally from a trusted source.

We will give you up to date advice on salaries and future career prospects & offer a personal service tailored to your needs.  We will take time to advise you on your CV and help you highlight your key strengths and abilities and what experiences you will bring to your new family.

Our aim is to establish long lasting relationships with Nannies who register with us & successfully assist you throughout your career. Therefore we do take an interest in you and strive to ensure that the time you spend on finding a position is spent wisely, interviewing for posts that meet your wish list & being by your side to ensure you secure your dream job.