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Nanny Agency for UHNW Celebrity & VIP Rota jobs

by | Jul 16, 2022 | jobs abroad

Every family is unique, and all have their own preferences and requirements, all parents want the very best care possible for their children regardless of their wealth or life in the public eye. Those who are UHNW (Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals) or VIP / Celebrity clients typically have a myriad of staff who are dedicated to make sure that the family’s life runs seamlessly, from family & executive PA’s, security & chauffeurs, chefs & housekeepers etc. to work successfully in these types of households it is imperative that a Nanny/Governess works well within the team employed. Those who have worked as a Nanny/Governess in similar high-profile households are looked upon favourably having already proved suitability to undertake a demanding yet rewarding role

Additional qualities required include:

  • Adaptability
  • A flexible approach
  • The ability to be able to read a situation & act accordingly
  • Eloquent with impeccable manners
  • Discreet, loyal & trustworthy
  • Service minded

The lifestyles are such that arrangements change at a moment notice one day entertaining the children on the ski slopes of Switzerland, followed by home-schooling on a trip to the UAE or occupying the children on a Yacht on the Mediterranean, versatility, resilience, stamina, spontaneity & sea legs are a must! The roles call for organised individuals who are one step ahead, giving of their time & have multi-faceted skills at supporting a child emotionally, socially, academically and physically in unfamiliar surroundings, dealing with jet lag and isolation. In exchange these roles are expected to come with above average remuneration, acknowledging that the Nanny/Governess needs will frequently come secondary to that of the children & the families schedule.

Rota Nanny / Governess jobs

Some such households who require 24 hours call 7-days each week opt to employ Rota Nannies/Governesses.

  • In theory Rota positions are where a family employ 2 or more nannies who work on a rotation schedule of week(s) on duty followed by week(s) off duty thus ensuring that they always have childcare in place.
  • Generally, the weeks that the Rota Nanny/Governess is not on duty rotation are days off/holiday however the rotation schedule may change, and it is expected that the Nanny/Governess is obliging to swap days off/schedule to accommodate the employers wishes.
  • When not on duty, Rota Nannies/ Governesses are expected to vacate any accommodation provided by the principle and may be expected to fund their own travel arrangements to their point of origin.
  • High calibre Rota Nannies/Governesses also leave a detailed diary /report regarding the children’s progress, arrangements and timetable for their counterpart thereby enabling a smooth transition which is reciprocated when they return to duty.

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