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Nanny Pa`s; The Perfect Solution

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Nannies

At the start of each academic year (September in the U.K) many children will be going off to school for the first-time, leaving parents & Nannies questioning their full-time childcare arrangement. Some families are inclined to cut costs & opt for an “afternoon” nanny,  an existing Nanny is unlikely to agree to this & finding a reliable high calibre candidate who is willing to work wrap around or just afternoons, yet still be able to cover the many school holidays & days when children are ill is so challenging that at Kensington Nannies we stopped catering to that market many years ago. Noting that at each stage of a child’s life their needs change just like there are evolving milestones in a child’s development there are different types of candidates to fulfil each stage, each with their own special skill to offer. One solution could be to adjust the position to that of a full time Nanny /Family PA. With the welfare & wellbeing of the children always being the primary responsibility below are some common tasks that a Nanny P/A may be expected to do when the children are at full time school:

Family Diary management

Arrange meetings and calls

Booking medical appointments, restaurants & events tickets

Manage post & correspondence

Manage contacts, subscriptions, memberships & utilities

Filing & Manage accounts and pay bills

Petty cash management

Oversee house hold Staff & tradespeople

Monitoring the house and ensuring any repairs and purchases are noted or carried out

Research and book travel options provide itineraries and ensure all travel requirements are met

Ensure all passports, ESTAs, Global Entry visas are up to date

Manage personal shopping and return

Creating and managing household inventories

Managing MOT’s car insurance and & parking permits

Events and Occasions including sourcing service providers and obtaining quotes

Organising gifts for family and friends’ birthdays and Christmas

Co-ordinate and liaise with staff & staffing agencies, Sourcing & booking specialized tutors

Recruiting household staff when needed


It`s important to note that the specific duties and expectations of a Nanny P.A. role can vary significantly depending on the family`s requirements as well as the individuals’ skills & experience. Some families may require the emphasis on the all-round care and management of the children, while others may focus on a broader range of administrative aspects that support the smooth running of the household. It`s crucial to have open communication, during the hiring process to understand the specific expectations for the role.

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