About us


Kensington Nannies, London’s longest established nanny agents, is a privately owned company, founded when there were just a handful of nanny agencies in London. Having been run by the same consultants for over 40 years, Kensington Nannies has abided by ethics of old and adapted to a new generation of both parents and Nannies maintaining its excellent reputation throughout.

Who’s on the front line?

Louise Taylor – International Consultant

Managing the agency and covering the international market for over 25 years. Louise studied marketing at University then spent time in France before joining Kensington Nannies in 1992. louise@kensington-nannies.com
0207 938 3525 /0207 937 2333/3299

Harriott Pim – U.K. Consultant

Harriott commenced her employ as a consultant for the U.K market with Kensington Nannies at the beginning of 2008 having completed a Diploma in Business from Oxford Business School, prior to joining the Agency she worked as a professional Nanny (N.N.E.B) for 10 years which included a live in job for four years looking after 5 children! Harriott@kensington-nannies.com
0207 937 2333/3299

Robyn Swartz – U.K. Consultant

Robyn joined Kensington Nannies in 2009 as a consultant for the U.K market Robyn began her career in Public Relations then retrained as a nursery school teacher & previous to joining Kensington Nannies, worked predominately as a P.A and Nanny for our professional West London clients.

0207 937 2333/3299

Nicki Rayment- International Consultant & Office Angel

Nicki holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and joined Kensington Nannies in 2017 having previously taught in Qatar & South Africa. In addition to consulting for our International market Nicki puts her Bachelor of Business Administration to good use, as with the ever increasing paperwork involved with screening of suitable Nannies, she is the cog that keeps the process running smoothly. Nicki@kensington-nannies.com
0207 938 3525/ 0207 937 2333/3299

Caroline Ramirez – References

Caroline has been with us for over 35 years and spends her days diligently checking the references on which we so heavily rely. As a mum of three & a grandmother of 5, she understands just how important it is to be fully satisfied with every facet of a reference received, on a candidate one is considering employing to care for your children.
caroline@kensington–nannies.com or admin@kensington-nannies.com
0207937 2333/3299

Gilly MacWilliam –Administrator

Gilly started her employ at Kensington Nannies as a consultant whilst on a summer break from Nursing over 40 years ago, discovered her niche and has been with the agency ever since. Gilly is instrumental in continuing the Agency in the tradition in which it began and now focuses predominantly on administration.