Your Child’s Safety

Kensington Nannies ensures the highest level of screening possible, though as we do not employ the nannies directly, it is strongly recommended that references already checked by the agency are also contacted by prospective employers on point of job offer.


Nannies may bring written testimonials to an interview and although an agency will vet, interview and reference check all candidates, ultimately you are responsible for protecting your children & determining the suitability of the candidate for your role. You are advised to write to or telephone previous employers to check details, allowing you to judge the person giving the reference before making your decision, and match your standards and lifestyles against theirs.

DBS Disclosures (previously known as CRB)

The Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. Police records and in relevant cases barred list information is checked.

Who can apply?

Any of Kensington Nannies candidates can apply for the enhanced disclosure, providing they submit personal identification and current proof of address for checking.

How long does it take and how long are they valid?

The application can now be submitted online, making it quick and simple, with a turnaround time of a minimum of 10 days to produce a certificate.

As the certificates are only valid until the date they are processed, Kensington Nannies encourages all candidates to update their DBS disclosures when seeking new employment.

The DBS disclosure should not be relied upon as an indication or measure of the nannies capabilities or credibility as a care giver.

The Agency’s Policy on DBS checks

As Agencies who supply nannies do not directly employ the candidate they are not able to insist upon CRB checks. However Kensington Nannies encourage all potential applicants to have a DBS check. If a candidate who does not have an up to date DBS check and/or are making steps to have her/his DBS check done, then the agency will inform clients of the DBS status of the candidate they are employing.