Employing a nanny

The Nanny’s Role and Duties

A nanny needs to be stable, self-sufficient and have a responsible personality, flexible appoach and the ability to show love and affection to the children in their care. A nanny is responsible for your child’s safety, development and well being when you are not at home and will care for them as required.

A nanny’s normal day to day duties include the complete care of the children and also:

  1. the children’s washing and ironing
  2. keeping the children’s rooms clean and tidy
  3. cooking the children’s meals and shopping for these when necessary
  4. the stimulation of the child in play to ensure good development
  5. the promotion of the children’s health

Although a nanny should be flexible, you should not expect general domestic duties to be part of their job.

Hours of Work

When employed in a private household, it may be difficult to strictly define hours of work and free time. Most nannies have 2 free days per week and work for 5 days per week, from Monday to Friday.

As of April 2009 nannies are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks paid annual leave (28 days for someone working five days a week) bank and public holidays can be included in your minimum entitlement.