Why use our agency

  • Kensington Nannies charge a flat rate introduction fee on engagement of any suitable candidate for a placement that is intended to exceed 12 weeks. The fee has no bearing on the wage you pay the Nanny, so you can be certain that your vacancy will be priced correctly and that you will never be paying the nanny an inflated wage in order for the agency to gain a larger commission
  • Having been run by the same consultants for so many years we are able to establish relationships of continuity and trust and have successfully met the needs of past and present generations of clients, and have the most comprehensive screening process in the industry.
  • We insist on meeting every candidate for a face to face interview at our London office and do not do Skype interviews.
  • Our reputation is important to us, most Nannies and clients come to us via word of mouth recommendations. We are rigorous in our reference checking and will always err on the side of caution we fully understand the responsibility & trust that you are putting in us to help you find the most suitable candidate to care for your children.
  • Your search will be much more time effective and you will meet better qualified nannies by working with a nanny agency.
  • We will save you the time it takes to pre-screen nannies for your specific job description. You will meet qualified and experienced nannies who have been matched to your vacancies profile. You will appreciate how Kensington Nannies takes the time to work with both parents and nannie’s to make sure that the match is a good one so that the placement lasts a long time. This unique approach will include working with you throughout the entire interview process as well as any post-placement support you may request. Kensington Nannies is looking for long-term relationships with both the families and nannies they work with.
  • We treat your confidential  information you disclose to us with discretion
  • In the unlikely event of the placement not being a success, we offer one of the longest guarantee periods in the industry and are one of the few that have a refund and replacement policy.