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Job Ref: OSOon

Live In
Start:  ASAP
Rate: Up to AED 25000 per month (Candidate dependant)
Days: 6-day week 24-hour call

This is a position for a much-loved Kensington Nannies family who live in Amazing Abu Dhabi, they have an excellent reputation of being thoughtful, kind and generous employers. This is a very happy household with a great team in place, everybody employed is treated with kindness and respected for the role they play, any nanny joining this home will be welcomed with warmth and appreciated for the investment you make to their children’s lives. The vacancy is for a nanny who will lovingly care for their youngest little girl who will be 2 this summer. She is the life and soul of any party, quick to smile and laugh and very easy to engage. She has benefitted from having a wonderful Kensington Nannies Maternity nurse and professional K.N nanny, consequently she has a great routine in place and is a bright, inquisitive and funny toddler. She currently goes to music class and swimming and loves being with her older sibling (Boy age 8 who also has a nanny from K.N) and her cousins being equally enthralled by babies as she is with the big kids!  As she is such a social butterfly they may put her into Nursery for a few days/ hours come September 2024. They do travel mainly summers & school holidays and are a very discreet family who value that in their nannies (they are members of the royal family ).They favour candidates who are joyful and who take true pleasure from being part of a child’s learning journey, your imagination can be put to good use as you plan and implement activities that promote learning academically, socially and physically ,when she is not playing with friends / cousins or trying to get involved in her older brothers games, you can draw on the facilities of a well-stocked playroom where you will find loads of resources at your fingertips to create a wonderful balance of in & outdoor activities for her to enjoy. English as a first language is required for her language development and assisting the 8yr old with his homework if need, just as his nanny will assist you the 2 nannies should be interchangeable with the children as there is a big age difference maintain the sibling bond is important so when practical the two nannies and two children will do things together with the nannies supporting each other with the collective wellbeing and childcare of their dedicated charges. (The Nanny for the 8-year-old is from the southern hemisphere she has a great value system and lots of get up and go, so if you are from NZ / Australia (or a South African with a British/ Eu Passport) and are like minded you will have great company in her. In short if you fancy spending a few years in the capital city of the U.A.E with its endless sunshine, a vibrant culture, & enchanting experiences, working for this family may be the best decision you could make. You have a private bedroom and bathroom within the home however the nanny does sleep in with the 2yr old on the 6 days that they are on duty.