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Nanny vs Governess

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Nannies

Why hire a Nanny or Governess for children?

For children growing up today of ever-increasing globalisation and internationalisation investing in a Qualified Early years Nanny or Governess will give your children the head start they deserve. A Kensington Nanny or Governess will be by your child’s side ensuring that younger children meet their early years milestones, are prepared & school ready and for those children already attending school a dedicated nanny /governess will enhance the learning journey with invaluable 1:1 interaction.

Whats the differences between a Nanny and a Governess

Within the residential childcare sector there are various qualified individuals who work to create a stimulating and caring environment for children to grow and develop & meet their milestones. Two specific roles you will hear the most of are a Nanny and a Governess. There are significant differences between these two roles. A nanny’s priority will always be the wellbeing, care and happiness of the child/Children, whereas a Governess may also cover some of these areas their skills & duties are specialised towards educational achievement and learning, with a focus on teaching academic subjects in addition to general knowledge, etiquette and independence. Below in more detail are the differences between a Nanny and a Governess.

What is a Nanny?

A qualified nanny is a professional in-home childcare provider who is responsible for everything relating to the children, their all-round wellbeing, routines & day to day activities, including promoting age appropriate social, emotional, physical & educational development. Each nanny position has slightly different responsibilities, tailored to the ages of the children & family requirements.

What is a Governess?

A Governess is specialised in their field as an educator some children who work with a Governess are home-schooled whilst others attend school. Traditionally those that are employed to home school a child will only perform the role & duties of a teacher, doing formal lessons for 6 hours a day. A Governess will tailor their style and curriculum based on a child’s learning and academic requirements and will be able to provide them with the required academic attention based on their needs, pace and readiness. Hiring a Governess gives a family a great deal of flexibility for when travelling, making it possible to move between residencies without disrupting learning, meaning that children can be taught regardless of their location. This flexibility means that lessons and activities can be arranged around prevailing commitments and plans. When home-schooling is not required the Governess will structure each day around a typical school day, liaise with the Childs school, and support the Childs learning academically or otherwise outside of the classroom, enhancing the Childs awareness of the world around them, supporting the children’s special interests & inspiring new ones, encouraging socially acceptable behaviour, etiquette and manners.

Minimum Criteria to be a registered Kensington Governess/ Governor

  • Formally qualified and hold a degree, i.e. Early Childhood Degree, Secondary Education Degree or Bachelor of Education or relatable tertiary degree.
  • Experience as Governess/ Governor is desirable
  • Have a minimum of 2 references from previous employers with contactable details
  • Hold or be willing to undertake an Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate

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