Nannies usually work a 5-day week with weekends free.  If you require the nanny to work at the weekend, she should be given 2 full days free during the week or extra payment. In this situation an employer may find that they are required to pay a premium in order to get a candidate to work less sociable hours, as most Nannies prefer weekends free.

 A normal working day would usually be a maximum of twelve hours for live in nannies and 10 – 11 hours for daily nannies unless agreed otherwise before the position commences.

Live in nannies will baby-sit 2 nights per week as part of their contract (Monday-Thursday) If extra baby-sitting is required, clients usually arrange to pay extra or give time off in lieu. Weekend baby-sitting needs to be discussed at interview stage, as most Nannies want their weekends completely free.  Live-out Nannies will charge extra for any additional babysitting.

As a minimum Live in Nannies would expect their own bedroom if you are able to offer separate self-contained accommodation for the nanny it is definitely seen as a perk and will attract a higher calibre of nanny.